Sitemap - 2022 - The Roar

The problem with women

Passing the torch to the next generation of Jewish feminists: Guest post by Tari Sztokman

The Druze community in Israel is in crisis. Does anyone else care?

No, enforced gender segregation in Israel is not about protecting women. Here is how I know.

Theocracy has arrived in Israel. And who is the first target? Women. Of course we are.

American elections brought a sigh of relief. Israel elections did not. What does it teach us about human nature?

I'm trying to understand the rise of the religious right in Israel. It takes me back to my roots.

This week's terrifying reality of being both Israeli and American...

#Roevember is coming: Will women's anger over Roe impact next week's American midterms?

This holiday, feeling blessed for what is, but also wanting more

This New Year, #WeAreAllMahsaAmini

M*A*S*H was very funny. And also very sexist. That is a lethal combination.

Bibi's new Likud party list is a bad sign for women. One of several bad signs.

Why are the police imprisoning the battered wife instead of the husband threatening to kill her?

Female IDF soldiers were raped and sex-trafficked in an Israel prison. I have some questions. BIG questions.

A rabbi once used Barbra Streisand to teach us girls about voice and sexuality. It was bad. Really bad.

What happened to Naftali Bennett? I think I might know

Israeli celebrity women were paid fortunes to convince women to go to the mikveh -- and people are angry

Israel should not grant citizenship to convicted pedophile Baruch Lanner.

Thank you!


Today my book on sexual abuse enters the world -- not a moment too soon....

What happens to bad guys after they die? Sometimes, they are turned into good guys.

My new book is on sexual abuse in the Jewish community is coming out, and I hope it will make a difference

WHEN will the Republicans take responsibility for the violence they promote?

Miriam Isserow z"l fought tirelessly for victims/survivors of abuse. I miss her.

We need to break open the many silencing tools used by abusers

If your board vice chair sends you a vibrator, your workplace is probably toxic

What does patriarchy look like? It's not always what you might think....

Women and their fathers: rereading our histories

On the 100th anniversary of the bat mitzvah, considering my own bat mitzvah trajectory

How is this Purim different from all other Purims?

Meet Faravaz Farvadini, a woman sentenced to a year in prison for the crime of SINGING

Why do women leave Orthodox Judaism? Ask Miriam Anzovin

Why do so many people think that sexual abuse happens "over there"?

The threat of abortion bans is about so much more than abortions

Jews and Race: Join the discussion

Whoopi Goldberg is not doing Holocaust denial. She is doing progressive antisemitism.

Talking about sex is a act of feminist power -- and healing

What does it mean to be a woman anyway?

Rabbi Charlie Cytron-Walker forces us to ask: What does it mean to be a rabbi?

It starts in 3 hours!

My beautiful dog, Teddy, died last week. I'm still processing.

Is Israel finally having its #Metoo moment?

This is the Jewish feminist line-up you've been waiting for!