It's been pretty wild in Israel, with masses of protests that are getting stronger by the week. But it's not clear where we are headed -- not even…

February 2023

The current wave of protests are a small spark of hope. But even if they work -- which doesn't seem likely -- the problems are so much deeper.
Women desperately need the justice system to protect our fragile rights. But does anyone in Israel actually care?

January 2023

It looks little. But it feels big.
My beautiful friend Jackie Margolis Bitensky left this world yesterday. I carry with me some vital life lessons that we shared.

December 2022

If you want to understand why the feminist movement is struggling in Israel, look no further than Orit Struck.
I've been so inspired by my niece, Tari Sztokman and by the world that she is helping create. Here she shares her insights into Orthodox feminism
Since 2007, the fiercely pro-Israel Druze community has been traumatized and reconsidering alliances. Is this government about to make things worse?

November 2022

There is a huge difference between segregation that excludes women from locations of power, and segregation that excludes men from women's private…
If coalition partners have their way, gender segregation will be made legal. Are we really that surprised? They always come for women first.
What do we do when it feels like half the world is consumed by hateful, callous ideas? I have some thoughts.
Ben Gvir was once an extreme pariah. After yesterday's election, clearly that is a thing of the past.